Same card.
Different boards.
Many teams.

Meet Mirror, our new Trello Power-Up that allows cards to exist on several boards at the same time. When you Mirror a card, any updates made to one version of the card will be automatically applied across all corresponding versions on other boards.

Share updates and collaborate on cards without leaving the board you work in everyday!

Mirror a card
in seconds

Access the Mirror button from your cards and send it to the desired board instantaneously.

Mirror to multiple boards
in a few clicks

Mirror a card as many times you want to share it with as many boards you want.

Mirror only the
information you need

Define your settings once and we’ll only Mirror the information that matters to you.

How it works



Start Mirroring cards and get them where you need them to be

10 Mirrors

$ 5


Get your team organized and collaborating in real-time

50 Mirrors

$ 19


Power-Up your business and make sure everyone is on the same page

150 Mirrors
+ Priority Support

$ 49

* All pricing is per Trello team


What is a Mirror and how do you count them?

One Mirror is counted as one card which is being duplicated and sent to one other board. If you were to mirror that same card to two boards, then that would be considered two Mirrors. If you find yourself getting close to your plan limit, consider upgrading or removing any mirrors you are no longer using.

What is the difference between Mirror and Sync?

Mirror allows a card to live on multiple boards. Sync allows you to build workflows that span lists, boards, teams, and tools. You can sync different lists and boards together, or sync a Trello board to a Jira or Asana project.

Is this a paid Power-Up?

Mirror has a 14-day trial so that you can test and see if the power-up fits your work style. After that point, all payment for the Personal, Team, and Business plans are made via credit card in the billing section of the Unito Dashboard. We are working on including payment directly via the Trello app and will update you know when that becomes possible.

You can get the Mirror Power-Up either individually, or as part of your Sync plan.

Can I get more help?

You certainly can! Check out these articles to help you get setup and if you still need help, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

What are you waiting for?

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