Meet the Best Alternative to is used to deploy 1-way automations at scale. But if you need custom, 2-way workflows, support for additional field mappings, and a platform designed for teams of all sizes without relying on demos or training, Unito is your best Tray io alternative.

How we compare
Price points
(starting at, per month)
$695 $249
Pricing License + Professional services License fee
Ease of use Technical skillset required Easy
Sync and automation 1-way 2-way
Customizability Extensive Extensive
Set up efficiency Professional services required Simple, no-code
Onboarding time Months Minutes
Integrations Hundreds 50
Live training At additional cost Included

Note: this is a comparison between Unito's Company plan and's Standard plan. Learn more on our pricing page.

"Easy, seamless integration. Setup was just a few clicks; have used it everyday since."

Robin W. , Senior Project Manager @ HyperDrive Interactive

Automations vs. flows supports large-scale, 1-way automations using trigger-based recipes. Unito's 2-way flows bring teams together to collaborate between tools without leaving their preferred interface. A single flow can cover hundreds of tasks, filter out irrelevant work, and so much more.

Breadth versus Depth offers recipes to cover just about any tool you might be using. But building a 2-way relationship that supports multiple fields takes a lot of time and effort. Unito lets you sync a greater variety of fields in a single flow with no technical knowledge required thanks to simple point-and-click interface.

Budget-busting or just right?'s plans are built for enterprise-sized budgets. That might work for some, but others may prefer a try-before-you-buy approach. After a 14-day trial with Unito, you can manage your plan to fit any team's budget.

Features you'll find only in Unito

Real-time 2-way syncing

A bidirectional, or 2-way, sync gives everyone access to the information they need in the tools they're already using. Anything you connect with Unito can be synced in real-time, so it's always up-to-date in your interface of choice.

Industry-leading support

Many of our plans come with a free onboarding session so you can start off on the right foot with our live support staff.

Visual workflow designer

Need to map out flows that connect multiple projects? With Unito's workflow designer, you can figure out exactly what information needs to get where.

Workflow status

Troubleshooting has never been easier. With real-time workflow status, you get the visiblity you need on the integrations your teams depend on.

Deployment: how long will you wait?

You need professional services to deploy, which can take months. With Unito's no-code platform, anyone can build a flow that covers their use case in minutes.

Estimated up to six months once purchased to:
  • Formalize process and create brief (weeks)
  • Assemble technical team (a day)
  • Implement automation (months)
  • Roll out to all teams (weeks)
  • Refine and maintain (forever)
Estimated up to an hour to try, purchase and roll out automation:
  • Connect your tools (minutes)
  • Craft your flow (an hour)
  • Launch (minutes)