Teamwork Integration

Improve collaboration, visibility, and accountability across tools by connecting Teamwork to Jira, HubSpot, and more with Unito.

Who Uses
Unito and Teamwork

  • Managers using Teamwork as a central hub for delegating, tracking, and reporting on cross-functional tasks and projects.
  • Product managers and developers who frequently collaborate with non-technical teams but need their specialized tools to execute the work.
  • Project managers who need to monitor the work of teams across several tools and consolidate those outputs into a single view.

How Teamwork and Unito can help you collaborate

Unito and Teamwork

Trying to make the dream work? Look no further than Teamwork. This multifaceted work management tool includes a suite of apps covering project management, customer support, chat, and so much more. Track work, take notes, and share documents, all from the view that best suits your needs. Teamwork really allows you to build the best work experience for you.

Of course, not everybody’s ideal work experience is the same. This can create friction as teams try to collaborate — especially if everyone is using different tools more suited to their roles. So how do you find that middle ground? One that allows you to collaborate without leaving your perfect Teamwork set up?

With Unito’s new Teamwork integration, you don’t have to leave your environment to interact with people and information in other tools. Sync Teamwork tasks to tasks, issues, tickets, or cards in your other essential business tools. Filter which tasks are synced by their status, so you have full control over the information being shared. Efficient collaboration is just a few clicks away.

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