Product management software integration

With Unito’s two-way integrations, product managers can build roadmaps, plan sprints, manage launches, and maintain constant oversight on development work, all from within their preferred tool.

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Unito for Product Management

"Unito is fantastic for us. Very intuitive. Just drop it in. Even with 1000’s of tasks synced. It reduces the misalignment between development and management."

Paco Cuesta , Product Manager @ Solera Global Data and Content

How Unito helps product teams excel

Cross-functional workflows

Build two-way connections between all of the essential tools in their workflows, to automate busywork and more quickly transition between project stages

Open communication

Create transparent channels of communication between technical and non-technical teams so neither has to work in tools they don’t use

Automated reporting

Automate reporting on multiple product initiatives simultaneously so key stakeholders can track progress across tools in real-time

Seamless processes

More quickly identify blockers or opportunities, so they can shift resources on the fly

Product managers in the US make $108,992 per year on average. Saving them 1 hour per week equals $2,880 annually on average. Unito saved Scrum master John Fuller 8 hours per week.

How valuable is Unito?

Tool overflow can leave organizations disjointed and siloed. This can have a negative impact on alignment and collaboration, leading to wasted time and money. Use this to estimate the value Unito can bring back to your business.

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Estimates calculated based on user data for tool activity and manual tasks, and US-based hourly salaries.