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A logo for Salesforce, representing a guide to Salesforce contacts.

Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Opportunities

Salesforce Opportunities allow sales teams to track potential deals until they turn into successful sales. Here’s how.

The Google Sheets logo, representing a guide to merge cells in Google Sheets.

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Merge cells in Google Sheets to clean up data, clear up your reports, and more. Here are four ways to do it.

How to Connect Salesforce and ServiceNow with a Configurable, No-Code 2-Way Flow

Here’s how to configure a no-code 2-way flow that turns Salesforce cases into ServiceNow incidents and back without scripts or spokes.

Featured image displaying the logos of Jira and HubSpot in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync

How to Sync HubSpot Jira Cloud Automatically with 2-Way Updates

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how to sync HubSpot tickets deals, or tasks with Jira issues through Unito’s two-way integration.

A robot reaching for a Microsoft Excel logo, representing ways to automate Excel.

7 Ways You Can Automate Excel and Streamline Your Workflows

Excel is a great tool for reporting and other tasks that rely on a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, it often comes with a lot of manual work. Here’s how you can automate away some of that elbow grease.

How to Sync Azure DevOps Zendesk with 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to quickly turn Zendesk tickets into Azure DevOps work items and back with 2-way updates that sync in real-time as you work!

Logos for Jira, representing building Jira dashboards.

How to Create a Jira Dashboard (2 Methods)

With a Jira dashboard, you can share what your software team is working on with other teams. You can either use Jira’s built-in dashboards or get a little help from Unito. Here’s how.

How to Sync Trello Cards to Smartsheet with 2-Way Sync

It’s easy for anyone to populate Smartsheet with Trello data and back through a fast no-code integration that enables 2-way updates.

An illustration of a Google Sheets template.

28 Google Sheets Templates for Everything from Project Management to Budgeting

With these Google Sheets templates, you can turn your spreadsheets into project management tools, budgeting platforms, and more. Here’s how.

The Notion logo, overlaid with a right-click menu that says "Copy Template."

The 43 Best Free Notion Templates

Just opened up Notion and you’re not sure where to start? With these templates, you can get a handle on personal productivity, managing teams, and more.

How to Set Up 2-Way Sync Between Asana and Smartsheet

Here’s how to sync Smartsheet to Asana and back with a simple, secure no-code, 2-way integration that can be set up in 10 minutes.