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Build powerful Miro workflows

Build a two-way connection between Miro and other essential work tools to assign action items, review feedback, and distribute ideas and strategies across the organization.

Popular Miro integrations

Connect Miro and Jira

Supercharge your agile workflow by syncing Miro retrospectives, sprint planning boards, and more directly into Jira.

Connect Miro and Trello

Brainstorm and prioritize ideas in Miro then automatically feed winners into a Trello board where they can be assigned and tracked.

Connect Miro and

Use Miro as a visual tool to plan, organize, and coordinate key initiatives before syncing tasks into for execution.

Connect Miro and Airtable

Capture data from complex Miro diagrams and maps in table format through a two-way integration with Airtable.

"It has simplified my workflows immensely - I honestly could not run my business without it."

Jessica Lorraine , Founder @ Lorraine Virtual

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