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Build powerful Intercom workflows

Unito’s Intercom integration empowers two-way workflows across teams and tools. Speed up ticket resolution, maintain visibility into client requests, and more, all without ever leaving your preferred tool.

Popular Intercom integrations

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Connect Intercom and Trello

Organize client requests and tickets in a Kanban-style board for faster and easier collaboration with internal teams.

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Connect Intercom and HubSpot

Quickly feed questions and tickets from key clients to their account managers in HubSpot to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Connect Intercom and GitHub

Submit client issues and bugs to development teams GitHub and monitor their progress from within Intercom.

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Connect Intercom and Airtable

Sync feature requests, client reviews and testimonials, and other information received in Intercom to Airtable.

"It's a great product and the perfect solution for our needs. It was exactly what we needed to pull information together into one place!"

Diana S , Learning and Enablement Coordinator @ WizeHire

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