Meet the Best Integromat Alternative

Integromat is used to create one-way workflow automations that can parse data between tasks. But if you need a simpler way to build 2-way workflows that sync in real-time, Unito is your best integration alternative to Integromat.

How we compare
Price points
(starting at, per month)
$299 $249
Ease of use Easy Easy
Sync and automation 1-way 2-way
Customizability Moderate
(Per recipe/per field)
Historical syncing No Yes
Subtasks, Comments, Attachments No Yes
Live training No Yes
Set up efficiency Many recipes per workflow Simple, no-code
Onboarding time Hours Minutes
Integrations Thousands 50
Update time 1 minute 1 minute
800,000 operations Unlimited

Note: this is a comparison between Unito's Company plan and Integromat's Platinum plan. Learn more on our pricing page.

"Finally a platform that delivers sophisticated two-way sync between DevOps, Jira, Git, Trello, and Airtable. Keeping PM and dev tools in sync is a major hassle and Unito takes the pain away from the process. Before discovering Unito I'd tried Zapier and Power Automate, but they're only good for one way integrations unless you start chaining them together."

Ryan Duguid , Product Leader/Regional Director @ Microsoft

Flows versus Scenarios

Unito's flows offer bidirectional, or 2-way, real-time data syncing to empower seamless collaboration between teams across products and tools. Integromat deploys customizable, multi-step workflows in a single direction. Each scenario maps one trigger to a resulting action.

Ease-of-use vs Depth

Integromat includes features designed to parse and extract data in-between workflow steps. Although it supports a range of apps, it requires advanced technical knowledge and may be intimidating for those unfamiliar with software tools. Unito powers in-depth, 2-way integrations that anyone can set up in a few minutes thanks to a simple, point-and-click interface.

Features you'll find only in Unito

Real-time 2-way syncing

A bidirectional, or 2-way, sync gives everyone access to the information they need in the tools they're already using. Anything you connect with Unito can be synced in real-time, so it's always up-to-date in your interface of choice.

Complete customizability

Only Unito syncs your data with a range of fields and rules to build deeply customized workflows that match your needs with precision, no coding knowledge or IT support required.

Subtasks and hierarchies

Organize your work how you see fit, even when collaborating across tools. Unito syncs subtasks so you can capture information hierarchies and sync data between even the most complex projects.

Attachment streaming

You shouldn't have to leave your preferred app to get the attachments you need. Unito provides access to documents, images, and more without needing an account for both tools.

Industry-leading support

Many of our plans come with a free onboarding session so you can start off on the right foot with our live support staff.

Visual workflow designer

Need to map out flows that connect multiple projects? With Unito's workflow designer, you can figure out exactly what information needs to get where.

Use case: Collaborate seamlessly across tools

When different departments come together to collaborate on a project, there's usually little overlap in their tool stacks. Imagine coordinating a new feature release with the dev team working in Jira, the marketing team on Trello, and your project manager(s) trying to map out a bird's-eye view of everything in Asana. You need to capture and sync important information between all three tools so everyone can collaborate in real-time without jumping back and forth between tabs and copy-pasting the same information into multiple places manually.

Here's what this workflow would require in both Unito and Integromat.

Automations: 10+
Setup time: 2+ hours

Total flows: 2
Setup time: 20 minutes