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Craft the perfect workflow for your team. With two-way syncing, the deepest, most customizable integrations, and all the support you need, make Unito work for you.

Explore the power of Unito in 90 seconds

This video provides a quick overview of key features like two-way syncing, rules, field mapping, and more, no reading required.

2-way syncing

Traditional, one-way automation won’t cut it. When you need information and data to flow back and forth between disparate tools, Unito’s two-way syncing offers the best solution. Enable genuine collaboration between teams with shared checklists, comments, and attachments. Break down silos, and eliminate time-wasting copy-paste busywork.

Customizable, real-time integration

Eliminate the blockers making your team unproductive. Unito integrations allow data to flow across tools in-real time. And Unito is the only automation tool allowing flows to be customized with rules, mapping, custom field-syncing, and more. This means instant, relevant, and accurate information where and when you need it. Find out more.

No-code, self-serve creation

You shouldn’t have to rely on IT to get your work done. Independently integrate your work tools and build the workflow you need — no coding or technical knowledge required. Unito is much easier to use than other automation tools. You can build and edit on the fly, and test your flow before you push anything live to reduce risk.

Unito's industry-leading features

2-way, live syncing

So important, it’s worth highlighting twice! Two-way syncing means everyone has access to the information they need within the tool they already use. And this information is shared in real-time, so it’s always up-to-date everywhere.

Customizable rules

Strip out the noise and sync exactly what you need to easily surface key insights and information. Rules can be defined for almost any field, including tags, assignees, comments, custom fields, and more.

Field mapping

Different teams have different ways of organizing themselves, and field mapping ensures information always lands in the right place. Restrict individual fields so they only flow one way, map multiple fields to a single field in the corresponding tool, and so much more.

Comment syncing

Comments are an essential part of feedback cycles and approvals, and also tend to house important work discussions. Unito syncs comment fields across tools so none of this information is siloed.

Custom field syncing

No matter how customized your tool and workflow are, Unito has your back. By syncing custom fields, you’re not forced into a templated solution. Work your unique way, without sacrificing anything.

Attachment streaming

You shouldn't have to leave your preferred app to get the attachment you need. With Unito, you can see any synced attachments from your primary tool.

Subtasks and hierarchies

Organize your work how you see fit, even when collaborating across tools. Unito syncs subtasks so you can capture information hierarchies and sync even your most complex projects.

Draft workflows

Whether you’re testing out Unito for the first time, you need to configure the tool you’re integrating, or want to validate a new flow with your team before launch, Unito’s draft workflows offer you time and flexibility.

Duplicate flows

Need to create the same flow multiple times or for multiple teams? With Unito, you only need to set up a flow once. You can then duplicate it as many times as you need.

Knowledgeable support

Our product specialists are the best in the business. Whether you’re facing an issue and need quick advice or want to onboard your entire team, you can count on the Unito team for expert support.


You have complete control over who can access and edit your workspace settings. Ensure that only those who need permissions have them.

Enterprise-level security

Unito is SOC 2 certified and offers powerful, enterprise-level security, including HTTPS data encryption, a private network in Amazon’s US AWS data centers, threat detection, rapid incident response, and OAuth2 authentication. Learn more.

Workflow status

Troubleshooting your flows has never been easier. The live workflow status gives you the visibility you need on the health of your flows. Error messages include actionable insights so you can solve issues without the headache.


With Unito’s unique, cross-tool data, surface actionable insights on team activity across all the tools in your workflow, allowing you to track and improve how people work together.

"Unito provides our customers with the suite of integrations they need to collaborate with partners and clients without ever having to leave Asana. As an Asana Partner, their powerful no-code tool delivers excellent customer value by enabling teams to stay up-to-date while working in their tool of choice."

Lauren Barnikow , Strategic Partnerships @ Asana

Unito vs. the alternatives

With two-way sync, deeply customizable flows, easy set-up, and a growing roster of integrations, Unito stands out from the pack.

Sync and automation
Set-up efficiency
Ease of use
Onboarding time

Unito vs. Unito

Deeply customizable
Simple, no-code
25 (50 by the end of 2021)

Unito vs. Native Integration

Minimal customizability
Difficult to match to use case
1-to-native tool

Unito vs. Zapier

Customizable on a per Zap and per field basis
Need to create many zaps per workflow

Unito vs. HubSpot

Deeply customizable
Simple, no-code
Dozens, but all only connect to HubSpot

Gain an extra work day with Unito

"Unito allows us to have the right project management tool and the right development tool so teams can get done what they need to get done without either of them having to sacrifice."

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