Take Teamwork to New Heights With Unito’s Latest Integration

Take Teamwork to New Heights With Unito’s Latest Integration

They say teamwork makes the dream work. But one of the challenges of working in a team is tool choice. Work management tools aren’t created equal and everyone has their preference. Forcing a single tool on your team is a great way to foster resentment while working across multiple tools can be a headache.

With Unito, you can create deep, two-way relationships between your tools, turning them into a unified, collaborative environment. And with Unito’s new Teamwork integration, you really can make that dream work.

What is Teamwork?

Like some of the best things in tech, Teamwork started in a garage.

In 1999, Peter and Daniel started a business building websites, working out of a garage. When business started picking up, they realized they needed a project management tool to help them get a handle on things. The other tools on the market didn’t really work for them so they built their own. That’s how Teamwork was born.

Today, Teamwork is more than just a project management tool. It’s a suite of apps that includes a help desk, a CRM, a chat tool, and more. Teamwork has over 4 million users in 183 countries, with clients like Disney, Forbes, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Mastercard, and the list goes on.

They’ve been our friends for a while now, and we’re excited to finally be able to add them to our integrations. We hope you are too.

What is a beta integration?

After an integration is selected from our upcoming integrations page, we build a beta version to gauge your interest and better understand your use case. We’ve released a beta version of our Teamwork integration so you can get your hands on it and try it out sooner.

There are a few differences between a beta integration and its fully released counterpart, all of which can be found in our Help Center article on the Teamwork integration. Here are some of the highlights:

Things you can do

  • Sync task title, description, status, and due dates. Other fields will become available as we work on the integration. If there’s a specific field you need covered, let us know!
  • Filter tasks by status. Unito’s rules let you filter how much information travels between tools, so you’re always in complete control.
  • Create Teamwork projects directly from Unito. This is a new feature we’re beta testing, so be sure to put it to work! As long as you have the proper permissions in Teamwork, you can create new projects without leaving Unito! Here’s a help center article with more detail.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Log in to Unito with your Teamwork account. For now, you’ll need to log in with another one of our integrations, or use an email and password combination.
  • Filter tasks by other fields. If your workflows require you to filter specific fields beyond status, get in touch!

We use beta integrations to measure interest and see how you’ll be using them. This helps us tailor our roadmap to better reflect what you need, so put this integration to the test! If you’re ever unsure about something — or you want to request a new feature — please contact us! Your feedback is invaluable.

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