Logos for Zoho Projects and Unito, representing the new Zoho Projects integration
Crush Your Projects With Unito’s Newest Integration
Logos for Zoho Projects and Unito, representing the new Zoho Projects integration

Crush Your Projects With Unito’s Newest Integration

Every team has their one “right tool for the job.” The one they’ll point to whenever something needs to get done. Unfortunately, in most cases, that tool doesn’t really do it for everybody. That’s why the average business’ spend on SaaS products shot up by 50% in 2020. With all these tools floating around, it can be tough to collaborate across teams. If you’re using Zoho Projects to get your work done, our newest integration has you covered. 

Unito lets you optimize your workflows across tools, meaning updates and tasks can be accessed by anyone across your organization, no matter what tool they’re in. Read on to find out how this integration will help you get more out of Zoho Projects.

What is Zoho Projects?

The Zoho software suite has a tool for just about anything your organization might need, from CRM to word processing. Among these offerings is Zoho Projects, a work management tool that keeps more than 200,000 businesses worldwide aligned, with clients like Stanford University and Dell.

Zoho Projects is a key tool for many software and IT teams, and many of these teams have tools like GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, and Jira in their workflows.

What is a beta integration?

Beta integrations start their life on the upcoming integrations page. When there’s enough interest for an integration, we build a beta version so users like you can jump in and start using it — even if every single feature isn’t quite ready yet. That way, we can understand your use case better and tailor the integration to your needs. With a beta like this one, you can get your hands on the integrations you need sooner.

There are a few differences between a beta integration and what it looks like at launch. You can find all of these in our Help Center article. That said, here are some of the highlights:

Things you can do with our Zoho Projects integration

  • Map supported fields: While Unito can cover many use cases with default mapping settings, you can also customize your mappings to have more control over your workflow. Check out our help center for more information on which fields are supported.
  • Filter supported fields: With Unito, you can create rules that allow you to control the flow of information from one tool to another. Our help center has a detailed list of which fields you can and can’t filter in your rules.
  • Add rich text to task descriptions: That means emojis too!
  • Create projects from Unito: Realize you’re missing a project in Zoho Projects as you’re integrating your other tools? No problem! With this integration, you can create projects right from Unito.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Sign up for Unito through Zoho Projects: With most of our integrations, you can sign up using your account for that tool. For this beta, you’ll have to use a different tool account or an email address to sign up for Unito.
  • Sync attachments: You won’t be able to sync attachments to (or from) Zoho Projects just yet.

With beta integrations, we can get a better idea of your use case and adjust our integrations accordingly. This helps us build a roadmap that reflects your needs, so go wild! If you run into any problems — or you’re not seeing a feature you need — please reach out to us with the chat bubble at the bottom of your screen. Your feedback is invaluable.

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