Get a Direct Line to Your Customers With Unito’s Latest Integration

Get a Direct Line to Your Customers With Unito’s Latest Integration

Most of your customer communication probably doesn’t come over the phone anymore. With apps like Intercom, you can create direct lines of communication with your customers from anywhere on your website. But without the right integration, those messages stay locked in these chats, away from people who can help get the job done.

With Unito, you get access to the deepest two-way integrations on the market for the work tools in your stack. Using Unito’s brand new integration for Intercom, you can send messages from Intercom to any other tool your teams use.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is best known for the little chat bubbles it puts on websites you use every day. It gives customers a chance to communicate directly with a business to get answers to their questions and make their grievances known. For businesses, Intercom can also help set up product tours, automatic messages, and more.

Teams that use Intercom can frequently be found in a tool like HubSpot, where they track broader relationships with customers. Those teams may collaborate with engineers using tools like Jira and GitHub, or technical teams from other disciplines that prefer work hubs like Asana and Trello.

What is a beta integration?

Beta integrations are fresh off of the upcoming integrations page. They don’t typically sync as many fields as other integrations and some features may be a bit more limited. But they give you the chance to try them out earlier, so you can start getting more out of your workflows now. On our end, we use beta integrations to get a better sense of what you want out of a full version.

There are a few important differences between beta integrations and their full version. You can find them all in our Help Center article, but we’ll give you some takeaways below.

What you can do with our Intercom integration

Here are just a few of the things you can do with this integration.

  • Sync messages from Intercom to other tools: Need to give a task some additional context? Set up a Unito flow and you can automatically sync Intercom messages to other work tools. Unito supports a ton of Intercom fields, such as assignees, tags, attachments, custom fields, and more. See the full list here.
  • Filter messages: With Unito’s rules, you can determine just how much information gets out of Intercom and into your other tools. This integration supports filtering by tag, single-select, text, numbers, and true or false fields.
  • Rich text support: Feel free to use bold, italics, and more in your Intercom notes!

Things you can’t do (yet!)

Beta integrations don’t always represent all the features a full integration will have. With that in mind, here are a few things you can’t do with our Intercom integration yet:

  • Syncing all historical data: Unito will only sync the last 500 items from Intercom conversations to your other work tools. Learn more about this in our Help Center.
  • Conversation creation: You won’t be able to create new Intercom conversations from another tool.
  • Live-sync: Due to limitations on the Intercom side, we can’t sync changes in real-time.

We use beta integrations to build better full integrations, so your feedback will be essential! If you run into any issues or want to let us know which features we should include, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.