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Unito's new, simpler approach to integration, driven by live 2-way sync, empowers organizations to do more with less. Our mission revolves around simplifying integration – enabling businesses to adapt and stay one step ahead of change.

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The tools you're already using through:

  • A simple self-serve, point-and-click interface, no coding knowledge required.
  • Integrations for industry-leading work apps and tools.
  • 2-way syncing between apps to keep teams and departments aligned in real-time.

"Unito multiplies by 100 the value I can get out of Trello. Seriously."

Louis Beauregard , Director of Operations and Product @ Learning Bird


Your ideal workflow with:

  • More supported fields than other workflow solutions, including: assignees, comments, fields, attachments and more.
  • Field mapping and rules that let you decide what to sync, with whom, when and how.
  • Unito's dedicated product specialists, ready to support you at a moment's notice.

"Our users want real-time syncs with the tools they use every day. Unito not only offers that, but it’s 2-way, full circle, making the integration that much richer. We can set it up in seconds with full visibility on any workflow."

Holly Mcgill Bracken , Developer Advocate & Partnerships Manager @ Teamwork


In 90 seconds flat and reap the rewards by:

  • Decentralizing your source of truth to always have the latest data on-hand in any tool.
  • Saving time with less busywork and skipping the zap trap.
  • Running with a more focused, aligned team capable of achieving more.

"Time is the most relevant factor for us and Unito is saving us loads of it. I would guess it’s saving one team member from having to send at least 100 emails per month."

Oskar Lindberg , Digital Transformation Manager @ Järfälla Kommun