An Easy Trick To Speed Up Your Asana-GitHub Integration Setup
An Easy Trick To Speed Up Your Asana-GitHub Integration Setup

An Easy Trick To Speed Up Your Asana-GitHub Integration Setup

One of the frequent questions we get from our users is, why do their names appear to be the source of all comments and updates when they do a sync between Asana and GitHub?

The reason for this is that Unito’s system uses the account that you activated the sync with, between Asana and GitHub.  Therefore, if you used your own personal account, then your name will appear as the originator of all comments and changes synced.

However, the system does show within the description who actually wrote the comment or made the change.  It looks something like this:

This can still be a bit confusing, and we understand that.  This is why we recommend the use of sync accounts.  You can learn more about the steps to creating sync accounts.  Sync accounts are basically a neutral account that will be used to sync the changes between Asana and GitHub and thus not show your personal name.

Now, you might be worried that creating sync accounts will take time and too many steps, in that you would have to create new email accounts to then create new accounts under Asana and GitHub.  However, you can quickly and easily create a dedicated email for your sync accounts in an instant!  Here’s how:

Quick trick

Your email is built to take in all emails going to say:  

What you may not know is that it is also built to receive all emails going to
(with +anything being whatever combination of text/numbers you like)

This means that you can create and use this as your email for the sync accounts for example.

Bonus tip

If you do not want to flood your inbox with more emails that go to this sync specific email address, you can create a filter to archive or move directly to a specific folder all emails arriving for this particular address.

So just like that, your creation of sync accounts has just gotten easier and faster!  Now, you just need to create the Asana & GitHub sync accounts with this new email address and use these accounts to create your sync.

With the use of sync accounts, your integration will be more seamless and easier to comprehend.

Other uses

This email trick can be used for a variety of other uses.  For example, you could have all your social media accounts use and all your online tools could use  This can be of tremendous help to better organize all your accounts and the emails associated with them.

Learn more about Unito’s GitHub Asana integration and start syncing today!