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Build powerful Zoho workflows

With Unito’s Zoho integration, you can organize, plan, and manage projects while collaborating bidirectionally across tools and teams. Increase company-wide visibility while decreasing time wasted jumping between apps.

Popular Zoho integrations

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Connect Zoho and Jira

Ease cross-team collaboration and speed up development workflows by automating task flow from Zoho into Jira.

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Connect Zoho and

Use Zoho to coordinate projects with clients, contractors, and other collaborators who live in tools like, Trello, or Asana.

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Connect Zoho and Airtable

Feed data and insights from your Zoho projects into Airtable, then sync that information back into Zoho when required for future projects.

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Connect Zoho and HubSpot

Work with customer-facing teams using HubSpot to speed up delivery of client work, new features, and other projects organized in Zoho.

"Unito is fantastic for us. Very intuitive. Just drop it in. Even with 1000’s of tasks synced. It reduces the misalignment between development and management."

Paco Cuesta , Product Manager @ Solera Global Data and Content

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