Modern workflows for team coordination

Struggling to maintain oversight and alignment with the multitude of projects your team is working on? Unito’s deep, two-way integrations allow you to coordinate large initiatives, track the work of your reports, and identify opportunities or risks, all from a single tool — saving you hours per week.

Align teams, foster collaboration, and enable productivity

Manage complex, cross-functional projects

From product launches to organization-wide initiatives, Unito allows you to seamlessly plan, launch, monitor, and communicate with all stakeholders from one place. Anticipate deviances in timeline or scope, ensure alignment, and report up the chain, all from your tool of choice.

Maintain visibility into team activities

Leaders need a bird’s eye view into everything their department or team is up to, but when everyone is working in different tools, this can be a huge challenge. With Unito, you can see everything that’s being worked on in a single view, making it easy to track progress.

Boost the ROI of work tools

When teams are adding new tools on a monthly basis, it can quickly become overwhelming for managers and IT teams. Reduce tool costs, limit access, and keep tools secure while still enabling the flow of essential information with Unito’s two-way sync functionality.

Cut down on meetings

When leading a large team that uses different tools, meetings are frequently used simply to find out what everyone is working on or how projects are progressing. Syncing tools provides that information to you and your team asynchronously, reducing the time you need to spend in update meetings.

"We use the same solution to create team dashboards—giving leaders visibility into the workflow of their direct reports. It's like someone flipped on the light switch. Now communication, tasks and status flow seamlessly across boards, teams and org structures."

Doug Casellini , Sr. Digital Marketing Manager @ Premier Research

Unito team coordination workflows in action

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