Workflow: Software Development

Modern Workflows for Software Development

Agile software development relies on close collaboration across tools, roles, and teams. Unito provides deep, two-way syncing of tasks, requests, and issues between tools, keeping software teams nimble and collaborators in the loop.

, Workflow: Software Development

Align teams, foster collaboration, and enable productivity

, Workflow: Software Development

Cross-team coordinated development

Software releases might originate in Jira, GitHub, or GitLab, but they need marketing campaigns, documentation updates, sales collateral, and more. Connect development teams with the rest of the organization (and their tools) so everyone knows what needs to get done.
, Workflow: Software Development

Build better backlogs and roadmaps

Sync new tickets or requests from other tools to your backlog to keep requesters and developers on the same page. Publish live, curated roadmaps for managers, stakeholders, and customers.
, Workflow: Software Development

Centralize sprints

Bring all of your sprint's development work into one place, even though the work happens in multiple code repositories/projects. This provides a live snapshot of sprint progress and prioritization, and saves you the time you would've spent on aggregating reports.
, Workflow: Software Development

Leverage your community

Public repositories bring in valuable community contributions. Manage issues and pull requests from your internal tools. Keep public info in sync and internal data private.

"We had to find a reasonable compromise that wouldn't sacrifice productivity or management oversight. And then we found Unito! Using the sync functionality to sync our Trello tickets to our Jira boards (and vice versa) meant we could satisfy both sides of the discussion in a clear and real-time way."

Brian Best

Unito software development workflows in action

, Workflow: Software Development

Unito is trusted and used by companies large and small

, Workflow: Software Development

Unito empowers developers to do their best work

, Workflow: Software Development

Development teams

Sync real-time updates across all of your development tools, so sprints are spent coding, not coordinating.
, Workflow: Software Development

Product teams

Sync product backlogs and roadmaps across Jira, GitHub, GitLab, or other tools, so priorities remain clear to all teams.
, Workflow: Software Development

Customer success teams

Success and support teams can quickly triage tickets and requests from tools like Zendesk, for faster development resolution.

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