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Break down tool barriers, gain visibility into work, align teams, and save tons of time and effort with Unito’s new workflow management solution.
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3+ weeks – time lost each year by knowledge workers switching between apps

9 – the average number of work apps used by a typical knowledge worker

200 – the average number of SaaS tools in enterprises

A business’s most important workflows are also the most complex

The work world is changing, digital work is booming, and business leaders need more visibility on the work that’s happening. Workflows are losing their shape, becoming a messy blur of emails, meetings, and tools.

Unito has evolved to solve these problems.

Imagine if work… just flowed.

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Shape the flow of work to your unique business process

Unito allows you to create deep 2-way integrations in a visual way, with all the tools where work is already happening in your organization, and enables work data to flow seamlessly across them.

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Integrate with leading work management solutions

Start where people are already working, by connecting the tools already in use in your organization. Unito integrates with the most widely-used work management tools in the world, with more being developed every month.

Design powerful workflows that span across all of your tools

With a few drags of your mouse, easily map out how you want your tools to connect together in a no-code, visual workflow designer. Create rules to define how and what information flows between each of your tools, in minutes. Design and define reusable workflow templates to help standardize your flows and accelerate their rollout.

Have access to the information you need, where you want it

Once you’ve set up your flows, let Unito work its magic. Changes and updates will automatically be reflected across your workflow, in real-time, so everyone has access to the information they need when they need it. No wasted time.

Report and align across workflows

With Unito’s unique cross-tool data, you can gain visibility into how your entire company works together. Surface actionable insights that will help you optimize your workflows for efficiency, saving your business time and effort.

A word from our CEO

We built Unito to allow everyone to work from their preferred tools by connecting those tools through deep, two-way integrations. After several years of collaborating with our customers, seeing how they work, and listening to their stories, it was clear to us that the needs of business leaders had evolved. 

This became even more apparent as companies across the world shifted to remote work. Our reliance on digital tools exploded but many organizations were unprepared for the loss of visibility into how people worked. 

Integration was the first step in untangling the knotted mess of tasks and tools. But leaders need the ability to dig into that work; to align teams and shape their company’s most important and complex workflows.

Unito had to evolve to meet these needs. And we have. 

Today, I’m proud and excited for you to try the new and improved Unito.

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Cracking the Code of Cross-Functional Collaboration

The most important projects in your business almost always involve multiple teams. Cross-functional collaboration is therefore essential to the success of your company.

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