New Features

Collaborate Even Better with Unito’s New Features!

Create Several Multi-Syncs All in One Go!

Unito lets you choose between different type of Syncs. You can sync two projects together, or you could sync several! Syncing several projects is called a multi-sync.

Now you can save time by building as many multi-syncs as you want, all in one go (rather than one project pair at a time), using a revamped interface you’re sure to love. 😍

Get REAL-TIME Updates

Normally updates in one project/board are synced to the other every 5 to 10 minutes. Now teams can enjoy seeing each other’s progress live!

Currently available for Asana, Trello, Wrike, Jira, GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket, with more tools coming soon!

Enjoy More Flexible Syncs

Unito lets you sync information between projects, and choose how information will flow between them: from project A to project B, vice versa, or both ways. Now, you can decide the direction of information flow for individual fields (such as members, tags, due dates, lists, and more) as well!

Filter Syncs by Custom Field

Unito lets you filter (limit) what information gets shared from project to project. Love using Trello’s custom fields to organize your cards? Now you can filter your Syncs with them! This gives teams even more options to optimize the way they collaborate.

Currently available for Trello, more tools coming soon!

Get notified by @mentions in other tools

If someone @mentions you in a project synced with yours, even if they do so in another tool, you’ll get a notification in the tool you’re using! Get ready to impress your peeps with a super-human quick response time. 😉

Currently available for Jira and Wrike, more tools coming soon!

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