In 2021, it's time to take back the reins of collaboration with Unito

2020 has had its load of challenges for productivity and collaboration. This year, we want to bring new opportunities for your business to kickstart productivity and build workflows that truly help you work better together.

2020 brought us more meetings, less coordination, and lower collaboration.

- The future of work, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, August 2020

Increase in meetings


Less transparency into day to day tasks


Increase in miscommunicaitons

This new year, scale how your team works together

To stay competitive, organizations need to build and manage workflows across tools with integration, automation, business rules, and reporting. Unito can help you get there.

Workflows that fit your tools of choice

Workflows that fit your tools of choice

Unito integrates the market’s leading work management tools so you can sync the tools you’re already using.

Close the gaps in your workflows

Close the gaps in your workflows

Customize how information flows between tools and teams by only syncing specific tasks or projects.

Gain visibility by scaling your workflows

Gain visibility by scaling your workflows

Map out your workflows to create visual references you can build onto as you scale and add tools to your stack.

Workflows that span across your business

Workflows that span across your business

Unito’s actionable insights allows you to optimize workflows across your entire business. So you spend more time doing the work, and less time tracking it.

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Kickstart collaboration in your business

With Unito, you can connect and sync 15+ tools — with more integrations developed every month — so your team can continue working in their tool of choice, knowing they’ll always have the latest information, where they need it.

You can now add Airtable to workflows in Unito

One of our most requested integrations is now available for you to build the workflows of your dreams: Airtable!

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ClickUp workflows just got an upgrade

One of our most popular integrations just got better. You can take advantage of the full potential of a ClickUp workflow! Sync comments, assignees, labels, custom fields, and more with Unito.

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Get more out of

Since releasing our beta integration in September, we’ve been listening to our users. As a result, we just released an upgrade that allows you to sync “Updates”, as well as sync and filter the “People” column type, as well as all other basic fields!

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Salesforce and ServiceNow are officially on the roadmap

You asked we listened - stay tuned for Salesforce and ServiceNow, coming soon in 2021!