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Build powerful Google Tasks workflows

Feed Google Tasks into your preferred work management tools to keep all of your to-dos organized within a single view using Unito's two-way integrations.

Popular Google Tasks integrations

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Connect Google Tasks and Jira

Automatically send new requests from Google Tasks into Jira to speed up bug resolution and prioritize new development work.

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Connect Google Tasks and

Feed new Google into (or vice versa) to centralize your daily tasks and help you prioritize.

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Connect Google Tasks and ClickUp

Sync your Google Tasks to ClickUp to provide visibility or collaborate with clients, contractors, and colleagues using a different tool.

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Connect Google Tasks and HubSpot

Use Google Tasks to stay on top of pressing deals or client tickets logged in HubSpot.

"It has simplified my workflows immensely - I honestly could not run my business without it."

Jessica Lorraine , Founder @ Lorraine Virtual

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