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Build powerful Google Drive workflows

Automate file sharing, increase the visibility of work, and simplify cross-team and cross-tool collaboration with Unito’s two-way Google Drive integrations.

Popular Google Drive integrations

Connect Google Drive and Salesforce

Sync important client documents to Salesforce from Google Drive and speed up the deal cycle.

Connect Google Drive and Jira

Ensure development documentation is logged, organized, and transparent without having to leave Jira.

Connect Google Drive and

Make files more accessible within your project management tool to increase the velocity of task execution.

Connect Google Drive and Airtable

Align data sources and ensure that all stakeholders have up-to-date information in real-time, no matter their preferred tool.

"My Trello boards are all synced perfectly and I don't have to worry about someone not seeing their tasks or missing a deadline."

Eleni K , CMO @ Liquid Logistics

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