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Build powerful GitHub Projects workflows

Do you store your pull requests or issues in GitHub Projects instead of repos? Unito allows you to build two-way integrations between your Projects and other tools in your stack.

Popular GitHub Projects integrations

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Connect GitHub Projects and Trello

Sync your GitHub Projects to Trello boards to maintain Kanban-style project management as you collaborate with non-technical teams.

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Connect GitHub Projects and

Automatically triage incoming bugs or feature requests from sales and support teams into relevant GitHub Project columns.

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Connect GitHub Projects and GitHub

Organize technical projects in both project and repo views depending on the team and audience.

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Connect GitHub Projects and Jira

Connect your development and version tracking software to simplify roadmapping and increase velocity during sprints.

"Unito is fantastic for us. Very intuitive. Just drop it in. Even with 1000’s of tasks synced. It reduces the misalignment between development and management."

Paco Cuesta , Product Manager @ Solera Global Data and Content

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