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Build powerful Evernote workflows

Build two-way integration with Evernote to feed information from notes into other work tools and centralize, organize, and prioritize your tasks — saving you tons of time and effort.

Popular Evernote integrations

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Connect Evernote and Trello

Sync tasks from Evernote checklists to Trello as cards to manage your daily workload in a single, digestible board view.

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Connect Evernote and Salesforce

Automatically populate client-driven tasks logged in Evernote within Salesforce to efficiently organize and prioritize customer-facing work.

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Connect Evernote and Jira

Send tasks like bugs or feature requests from Evernote to Jira and maintain visibility on progress made and completion.

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Connect Evernote and

Track your tasks in Evernote while keeping collaborators, contractors, and clients using in the loop.

"Given that I and my clients don't always use the same tools for project and task management, Unito has allowed me not to need to constantly switch back and forth between various tools."

Karina Mikhli , CEO and Founder @ YourMBR

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