Workflow: Customer & IT

Modern Workflows for Customer and IT Support

Ensure the best customer experience while saving hours of manual work for agents. Unito provides deep, two-way integrations for support tools, including Zendesk and Jira Service Desk.

, Workflow: Customer & IT

Align teams, foster collaboration, and enable productivity

, Workflow: Customer & IT

Ticket dispatch and escalation workflows

Dispatch tickets to other teams seamlessly and give them the ability to interact directly with the requester. Escalate tickets with full visibility into progress and communications, even across tools.
, Workflow: Customer & IT

Share the ticket information that matters

Requesters, agents, and assignees all need the right information, at the right time, in the right tool. With Unito, keep full control over which tickets sync between tools, when they sync, and how much information is shared. Set up your sync in minutes with “best practice” settings or tune it to your specific workflow.
, Workflow: Customer & IT

Track performance across tools

With Unito’s two-way sync, your support tool can report on activity happening in other tools. Track dispatched and escalated tickets separately from your own tickets and keep your KPIs and SLAs intact.
, Workflow: Customer & IT

Maintain tool security

When teams want to collaborate, they’re often forced to share or provide tool access in order to collect requests or gather feedback. With Unito, you can sync work tools together, removing the need for non-essential access to important software. This means better security and lower budgets.

"Everyone at Biocharger is on Asana, and support is on Zendesk, so with Unito, sales and marketing has access to all the support tickets and can see what is going on with their customers, without having to login to Zendesk. It's been working great."

Zack Olinger, BioCharger Educator & Support @ Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC

Unito customer support workflows in action

, Workflow: Customer & IT

Unito is trusted and used by companies large and small

, Workflow: Customer & IT

Unito helps ramp up your support teams

, Workflow: Customer & IT

Customer support teams

Close more tickets with faster dispatch from Zendesk or Jira Service Desk to other team’s tools.
, Workflow: Customer & IT

Customer success teams

Help important clients succeed, by quickly escalating issues or feature requests from HubSpot.
, Workflow: Customer & IT

IT teams

Empower internal teams to build the workflows they need on their preferred tools.

Discover Unito’s integrations and start improving your workflow.



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