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Assign Tasks in Wrike Based on Salesforce Opportunities


Connect your reps in Salesforce directly to a professional services manager in Wrike with this two-way flow.

Export Wrike Task Data to Google Sheets

WrikeGoogle Sheets

Sync Wrike Tasks with Google Sheets rows to populate tables with active project data in real-time.

Create Trello Cards Based on HubSpot Deals, Tasks, or Tickets


Connect HubSpot with Trello to sync cards and deals, tasks, or tickets.

Sync Salesforce opportunities, tasks, or contacts with

Request support from other teams, assign tasks remotely, or collaborate seamlessly between Salesforce and

Sync HubSpot Deals, Tickets, or Tasks with Boards

Learn how to sync boards to HubSpot deals, tasks, or tickets with Unito.

Sync Tasks Between and Asana


Learn how to set up a two-way sync between Asana and to harmonize tasks.

Learn More About Unito’s Activity Stream

All tools

This feature keeps track of all activities across your workspace in 24-hour increments, including: a timestamp, activity type, updated fields, status, original and updated work items, a link to your flow and associated workflow.

[Template] Create a Contacts Database in Notion

NotionGoogle Contacts

This database turns a Google Contact's most important fields into columns, so you can track crucial data without jumping back and forth between tools.

Sync Google Contacts to a Central Database

Google ContactsNotion

Send all your Google Contacts to a single database in Notion.

Export Google Contacts to a Spreadsheet

Google ContactsGoogle SheetsMicrosoft Excel

Every time you add a new Google Contact, Unito will automatically sync selected data to a new row in a Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

Automate a 2-way Sync Between Spreadsheets

Microsoft ExcelGoogle Sheets

Every time a row is added in either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, a matching row will appear in the other specified to your filters and field mappings.

Sync Salesforce Tasks With Trello Cards


Share task details between Trello and Salesforce to delegate work to external contacts with Unito’s automated 2-way sync.

Simplify Sales Reporting by Syncing Google Sheets With a CRM

Google Sheets

Learn how to build an automated sales report by syncing Google Sheets with your CRM, and remove the burden of manual updates from your team.

Sync HubSpot Deals With Asana Tasks


Sync deals from HubSpot to Asana tasks. The same principles apply to other CRMs and project management tools.

[Template] Create a CRM in Notion

NotionMicrosoft Outlook

Here are a few steps you can take to turn Notion into the custom CRM your teams need.

Sync Pipedrive and Mailchimp Contacts


Streamline lead lifecycle management by syncing contacts between Pipedrive and Mailchimp.