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How to Sync Google Sheets with a CRM to Simplify Sales Reporting

Google Sheets

Learn how to build an automated sales report by syncing Google Sheets with your CRM, and remove the burden of manual updates from your team.

Syncing Up Airtable, Google Sheets, and Other Data Tools

AirtableGoogle Sheets

Here's how you can use Unito to connect an Airtable base to any data tool through a Google Sheets integration.

How To Sync Trello Cards to Google Sheets for Streamlined Reporting

TrelloGoogle Sheets

In this walkthrough, you'll learn how you can use Unito to sync Trello cards from any board with Google Sheets spreadsheets.

How To Automate Financial Data Entry From Asana to Google Sheets

AsanaGoogle Sheets

“By connecting Asana and Google Sheets with a Unito flow, we’re saving hours of manual work and eliminating even the most tenacious data entry errors.” - Andrea Ramirez, Business Operations Specialist at Unito

How To Turn Airtable Records Into Asana Tasks with Unito


“Thanks to Unito, our in-depth audit in Airtable doesn’t have to stay trapped in a tool silo. We can sync all that information over to Asana and dispatch tasks automatically from there. That saves us a bunch of time.” - Morgane Davy, UX Designer.

How To Report on Recruitment with Asana and Google Sheets

AsanaGoogle Sheets

"With Unito, I completely eliminated the manual work in my reporting workflow. I get the same value out of my report without having to invest any time. What more could you ask for?" - Sarah Corboliou, Employee Success

How To Sync Airtable, Google Sheets, and Other Data Tools

All tools

"Unito removed manual work in a critical reporting workflow and made Google Sheets the backbone for all my data tools. Product managers still get all the information they need, but faster and with less work." - Sylvain Boichon, Data Team Lead

Case Study: Development Reporting Between Jira and Notion

All tools

“Unito is a great tool for automating tedious manual tasks. Anybody can pick it up and learn it pretty quickly. So you don't need to worry about having coding experience or technical expertise to use it.” - Ilan Rotenberg, Product Manager at Passport Shipping

Trello Template – Simple Ticket Triage


Sync tickets from any customer support tool to Trello with a Trello template specifically designed for this use case.

Trello Template – Marketing Content Catalog


Centralize all your marketing content in one database so it's easy to find, audit, and share. All without leaving Trello.

Trello Template – Risk Report


Communicate your project's risks, organize them by risk level, and alert stakeholders when they need to make a decision, all without leaving Trello.

Build Dynamic Progress Reports With Google Sheets and Unito [TEMPLATE]

Google Sheets

Excited about our Google Sheets integration? Here's a template purpose-built for syncing information from tasks from your work tools into a progress report that lives in Google Sheets.

Notion Template – Time Tracker


Need a simple, quick way to track how much time everyone's spending on a project? Try this Notion template — progress bars included!

Airtable Template – Project Health Report


A project health report is a simple report used to inform managers, clients, or other stakeholders about the state of a project. It offers them a quick snapshot of whether the initiative is on track or falling behind, what’s been achieved, and what’s left to do.

15 Must-Have Google Sheets Add-Ons

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a powerful — and free — spreadsheet tool. But did you know you can turn it into a powerhouse with the right add-on? Here are 15 essential Google Sheet add-ons.

Notion Template – Risk Report


Sick of rewriting risk reports from scratch every time a stakeholder asks? Use this Notion template to build a dynamic, persistent report they can check at their leisure.

Airtable Template – Resource Management Report


A resource management report offers a rapid look at how the members of your team are spending their time and effort. Pull in everyone's tasks, group by assignee, and see how your team's resources are allocated.

Notion Template – Project Health Report


Sick of writing up project health reports from scratch over and over again? Use this Notion template so you don't have to start from square one every time a stakeholder wants an update.

Notion Template – Jira Sprint Report


Collaborating with teams that love Jira? Use this Notion template to report on their progress, track their work, and more, without touching their Jira projects.

Notion Template – Ticketing System


Want to give your support team a simple way to work out of Notion? Use this template to build a support ticket database, filter the most important tickets, and more.

Notion Template – Project Management Board


Need a simple way to manage your project in Notion? Dispatch work and never miss a deadline again with this Kanban board.

Airtable Template – Marketing Budget Report


Use this template to easily track your marketing budget over time, even across multiple bases. Track spend on a monthly basis versus your forecast and group by categories like ad spend, software, freelancers and consultants, and more.

Notion Template – Marketing Content Catalog


A majority of marketing content goes unused because people just can't find it. With this template, you can centralize all your marketing content so everyone knows what they can use.

Notion Template – GitHub Issues Report


Working with teams that love GitHub but you don't want to leave Notion? Use this template to build a database of GitHub issues so you can collaborate without leaving Notion.

Reporting Tool Integration with Unito

All tools

Save hours of work each month by eliminating manual data extraction, aggregation, and time-consuming report updates with Unito’s two-way reporting tool integrations.

Everything You Need To Know About Data Extraction

All tools

Heard about data extraction, but you're not sure what it is? Here's our breakdown of the practice, the main challenges, and some tools that make it all easier.

Build Better Workflows with Unito’s Notion Integration


Notion is Unito's newest beta integration! Find out how you can add it to your workflow and learn what the integration can do.

Supercharge Your Sheets with Unito’s Latest Integration

Google Sheets

Google Sheet's is Unito's latest beta integration! Find out how it works and what it can do for your Unito flows in this breakdown.

Airtable Template – Employee Resource Database


An employee resource database is a repository of information, data, documents, and other resources for employees. In just a few clicks, you can build Unito flows that automatically update records in this database.

Airtable Template – Content Catalog


A content catalog is a database used to centralize content created by sales teams, marketers, and other contributors. That way, customer-facing teams — like sales and support teams — can easily find the content they need, when they need it.

Notion Template – CRM


Want to track information for prospects and customers without leaving Notion? Here's a simple CRM template you can use.

Notion Template – Trello Card Database


Collaborating with teams that love Trello? You can use this template to report on their progress, track their work, and more, without ever touching a Trello board.

Notion Template – HubSpot Task Database


Collaborating with teams that love HubSpot? You can use this template to report on their progress, track work, and more without ever touching a CRM.

Notion Template – Agile Board


Need a simple way to track development work in Notion? This simple Kanban board lets you track work estimates, priority, and more without leaving Notion.