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Export Wrike Task Data to Google Sheets

WrikeGoogle Sheets

Sync Wrike Tasks with Google Sheets rows to populate tables with active project data in real-time.

Turn Airtable Records into Google Calendar Events

AirtableGoogle Calendar

Sync data from tables to calendar events and raise visibility, save time copy-pasting, and review dates easily.

Create Trello Cards Based on HubSpot Deals, Tasks, or Tickets


Connect HubSpot with Trello to sync cards and deals, tasks, or tickets.

Assign dev work in GitHub from your board

Turn tasks into GitHub issues to easily assign dev work from the comfort of your favorite board

Send Intercom Conversations to Boards


Here's how to get other teams to support your customer-facing squads even if they're using different tools.

Sync Tasks Between and Trello

Here's a simple setup for two-way syncing between Trello cards and your boards. Save time, costs and delegate work easily.

Learn More About Unito’s Activity Stream

All tools

This feature keeps track of all activities across your workspace in 24-hour increments, including: a timestamp, activity type, updated fields, status, original and updated work items, a link to your flow and associated workflow.

Connect Intercom With Asana


Sync conversations and tasks quickly and effectively. Similar steps apply to other project management tools including: Asana, Trello,, ClickUp and more

Sync HubSpot Deals With Asana Tasks


Sync deals from HubSpot to Asana tasks. The same principles apply to other CRMs and project management tools.

Sync Trello With Google Calendar

TrelloGoogle Calendar

Share key business milestones, launch dates, and other time-sensitive information between Trello and Google Calendar.

Sync Notion With Google Calendar

NotionGoogle Calendar

Connect Notion pages with events in Google Calendar to align on shared dates, times, guests and more with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync With Google Calendar

monday.comGoogle Calendar

Connect tasks with Google Calendar events to align dates, times, guests and more with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync ClickUp With Google Calendar

ClickUpGoogle Calendar

Share a content roadmap with dates, times and more between ClickUp and Google Calendar with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync Asana Tasks With Google Calendar Events

Google CalendarAsana

Sync Asana with Google Calendar to share dates, times, guests and more between teams.

Align Milestones Between Google Calendar and Asana

Google CalendarAsana

Sync important due dates to your calendar and never miss a milestone again.

Create an Employee Resource Database With Airtable


Build a dynamic employee resource database that's kept up-to-date automatically, no matter where it's updated from.