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Automate Google Sheets with Live 2-Way Updates

Google Sheets

Connect Google Sheets with another app or tool to send data to and from spreadsheets automatically.

Populate Notion Pages with GitHub Issues


Send GitHub issue data into Notion (or vice versa) to simplify collaboration or reporting with software development teams.

Assign tasks in Asana from Notion


Connect Notion pages to Asana projects so you can assign tasks or extend visibility to stakeholders.

Populate Reports in Notion with Jira Issue Data


Sync dev work updates from Jira Cloud to Notion to supercharge your reporting processes

How to sync Zendesk Tickets with tasks in any tool


This guide will show you how to turn Zendesk tickets into tasks in other tools and vice versa with a demo featuring Wrike.

Turn Miro cards into tasks in other tools


This guide will show you how to sync Miro cards with tasks in Wrike or any other project management tool.

Quickly Create Reports in Microsoft Excel Based on Wrike Data

Microsoft ExcelWrike

Sync Wrike tasks to Excel Rows to build accurate spreadsheets quickly and easily

Export Wrike Task Data to Google Sheets

WrikeGoogle Sheets

Sync Wrike Tasks with Google Sheets rows to populate tables with active project data in real-time.

Collaborate Between Wrike and Airtable


Sync tasks with records to facilitate reporting, delegate from one app to the other, or simply work in the interface you prefer.

Send Asana Task Details to Airtable


Populate your tables with Asana task information to simplify reporting, delegation, and more.

Turn Airtable Records into Google Calendar Events

AirtableGoogle Calendar

Sync data from tables to calendar events and raise visibility, save time copy-pasting, and review dates easily.

Create Trello Cards Based on HubSpot Deals, Tasks, or Tickets


Connect HubSpot with Trello to sync cards and deals, tasks, or tickets.

Assign dev work in GitHub from your board

Turn tasks into GitHub issues to easily assign dev work from the comfort of your favorite board

Sync a Board with Microsoft Excel

monday.comMicrosoft Excel

Populate your Microsoft Excel table with project updates directly from

Populate an Excel Spreadsheet from Trello

TrelloMicrosoft Excel

Sync Trello cards to Microsoft Excel to populate your spreadsheets with the latest details from your board.

Sync Trello Cards with Wrike Tasks


Quickly connect Wrike tasks with Trello cards to collaborate across tools with a two-way sync.

Set Up a Ticket Escalation Queue Between HubSpot and Jira


Learn how to sync Jira Issues with HubSpot tickets to set up a simple, automatic escalation queue.

Sync HubSpot Deals, Tickets, or Tasks with Boards

Learn how to sync boards to HubSpot deals, tasks, or tickets with Unito.

Create a Two-Way Sync Between Multiple Jira Projects

JiraJira Service Management

Share your roadmap, timeline, delegate tasks and more by connecting multiple Jira projects with Unito.

Send Intercom Conversations to Boards


Here's how to get other teams to support your customer-facing squads even if they're using different tools.

Sync Tasks Between and Trello

Here's a simple setup for two-way syncing between Trello cards and your boards. Save time, costs and delegate work easily.

Build a Google Sheets Report Synced With


Sync tasks in to Google Sheets rows to build reports based on real-time data

Sync Tasks Between and Asana


Learn how to set up a two-way sync between Asana and to harmonize tasks.

Create Follow-up Tasks in From a Notion CRM

Learn how to use a custom CRM in Notion to assign tasks in with Unito's two-way sync.

Sync Trello Cards With Airtable Records


Learn how to sync Trello cards with Airtable records through Unito’s two-way no-code integration.

Sync Notion Tables With Airtable Bases


Connect Airtable with Notion to keep tables and pages in a real-time two-way sync.

Build an Issue Escalation Queue With Jira Service Management

Jira Service ManagementJira

Learn to sync Jira issues with Jira Service Management through Unito's no-code, automated 2-way integration to build an escalation queue.

Sync Excel Spreadsheets With an Airtable Database

Microsoft ExcelAirtable

Sync Microsoft Excel and Airtable records in real-time to create an automated source of truth with Unito’s no-code, 2-way integration.

Sync Multiple Airtable Databases Together


Learn how to sync Airtable records between multiple databases with Unito to create a single source of truth.

Connect an Airtable Database to Google Sheets

AirtableGoogle Sheets

Learn to sync Airtable records with rows in Google Sheets to maintain your source of truth and keep databases connected.

Sync GitHub Issues With Asana Tasks


Connect GitHub and Asana to Unito in order to keep issues and tasks in a real-time two-way sync to streamline bug reports, feature requests and more.

Learn More About Unito’s Activity Stream

All tools

This feature keeps track of all activities across your workspace in 24-hour increments, including: a timestamp, activity type, updated fields, status, original and updated work items, a link to your flow and associated workflow.

Sync Asana Tasks With Google Sheets

AsanaGoogle Sheets

Connect data between tasks and spreadsheet rows with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration.

Connect Intercom With Asana


Sync conversations and tasks quickly and effectively. Similar steps apply to other project management tools including: Asana, Trello,, ClickUp and more

Create Asana Tasks Synced With BitBucket Issues


Simplify task management between a team in a Git repository and a team in Asana or any other project management tool.

Send Slack Messages Synced With Trello Cards


Create a new Trello card when you send a message in a specified Slack channel OR send a message in Slack whenever you create a Trello card that includes a specific label, list, or member of your team.

Automate a 2-way Sync Between Spreadsheets

Microsoft ExcelGoogle Sheets

Every time a row is added in either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, a matching row will appear in the other specified to your filters and field mappings.

Share Jira Epics With Other Tools


This guide will show you how to share Jira Epics in Asana with Unito’s automated 2-way workflow to sync milestones with epics.

Create a Master Project in Asana


Here's how you can sync Asana tasks from multiple organizations to a single project.

Sync Wrike Tasks With Jira Issues


Integrate Jira with Wrike to sync issues and tasks quickly and effectively. Similar steps apply to other project management tools including: Asana, Trello,, ClickUp and more.

Sync GitHub Issues With Trello Cards


Connect issues and cards through Unito’s automated no-code integration.

Sync HubSpot Deals With Asana Tasks


Sync deals from HubSpot to Asana tasks. The same principles apply to other CRMs and project management tools.

Sync Trello With Google Calendar

TrelloGoogle Calendar

Share key business milestones, launch dates, and other time-sensitive information between Trello and Google Calendar.

Sync Notion With Google Calendar

NotionGoogle Calendar

Connect Notion pages with events in Google Calendar to align on shared dates, times, guests and more with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync With Google Calendar

monday.comGoogle Calendar

Connect tasks with Google Calendar events to align dates, times, guests and more with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync ClickUp With Google Calendar

ClickUpGoogle Calendar

Share a content roadmap with dates, times and more between ClickUp and Google Calendar with Unito's automated 2-way sync.

Sync Asana Tasks With Google Calendar Events

Google CalendarAsana

Sync Asana with Google Calendar to share dates, times, guests and more between teams.

[Template] Build a Simple Ticket Triage in Trello


This Trello template is ready-built for integration with Unito to help you see support tickets represented in Trello.

Align Milestones Between Google Calendar and Asana

Google CalendarAsana

Sync important due dates to your calendar and never miss a milestone again.

Create an Employee Resource Database With Airtable


Build a dynamic employee resource database that's kept up-to-date automatically, no matter where it's updated from.

Sync Cards Between Multiple Trello Boards With Unito


In this walkthrough, you'll learn how you can sync cards from multiple Trello boards to a single master board.

Sync Trello Cards With Asana Tasks


Sync Trello cards from any board with Asana tasks.

Sync Trello Cards to Google Sheets for Streamlined Reporting

TrelloGoogle Sheets

Sync Trello cards from any board with Google Sheets using your header row to map fields in Unito.

Optimize Development by Syncing Jira With Trello


Learn how you can use Unito to sync Trello cards from any board with Jira issues.

Optimize Development by Syncing Jira With Asana


Sync Jira issues from any project with Asana tasks.

Case Study: Bridging the Gap Between HubSpot and ClickUp


“In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more HubSpot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference.” - Milan Soekhai, Digital Marketing Manager at Krijgsman Retail Services.

Case Study: Build an Onboarding Workflow With Notion and Airtable


XRay.Tech is a Chief Automation Officer for hire, filling the gaps in their customers' workflows by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes.

Collaborate Seamlessly With Contractors Across Tools


"With a single Unito flow, I can scale velocity on-demand and maintain high quality in technical work by relying on multiple freelancers without becoming a full-time project manager."

Manage Hybrid Brainstorming With Miro and Asana


"By building a single Unito flow, we avoid hours of busy work and never have to draw straws to find the person responsible for copying insights from Miro into Asana." - Andrea Ramirez, Business Ops Specialist at Unito

Automatically Pull Asana Action Items From Retrospectives in Miro


"With a single Unito flow, every Miro card is automatically synced from a retrospective to an Asana project, saving our team leads save hours of valuable time." - Charlie Whicher, Senior Product Manager at Unito

Case Study: Reporting from Trello to Google Sheets

TrelloGoogle Sheets

"I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build." - Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager at the municipality of Järfälla

Build Creative Workflows With Trello and Google Sheets

Google SheetsTrello

"Creative work always involves communicating with outside stakeholders: clients, contractors, approvers, etc. Sometimes across different tools. With Unito, you can spend your time focusing on the work, and not on the coordination." - Graham Mann, Growth Specialist.

Case Study: Real-Time Visibility Between Airtable and Asana


“It’s great to link up Asana and Airtable, and not have to manually update things in a spreadsheet or have to spit out numbers somewhere else and make a fancy PowerPoint that’s quickly outdated. From the moment you make this calendar, it’s up-to-date all the time.” - Gail Schaar, Project Manager at Corpay

[Template] Build a Trello Card Database in Notion


Want to track Trello cards without leaving Notion? This database template is the first step to syncing Trello cards using Unito.

[Template] Create a Simple Agile Board in Notion


Want to use Agile methodology from Notion? You can do that in minutes with this board template for Notion.

[Template] Make a Marketing Content Catalog in Trello


Centralize all your marketing content in one database so it's easy to find, audit, and share. All without leaving Trello.

[Template] Run a Risk Report From Trello


Communicate your project's risks, organize them by risk level, and alert stakeholders when they need to make a decision, all without leaving Trello.

[Template] Start a Time Tracker in Notion


Need a simple, quick way to track how much time everyone's spending on a project? Try this Notion template — progress bars included!

[Template] Report on Resource Management in Airtable


A resource management report offers a rapid look at how the members of your team are spending their time and effort. Pull in everyone's tasks, group by assignee, and see how your team's resources are allocated.

[Template] Prepare a Project Health Report in Notion


Use this Notion template so you don't have to start from square one every time a stakeholder wants a project health report.

[Template] Generate a Jira Sprint Report From Notion


Collaborating with teams that love Jira? Use this Notion template to report on their progress, track their work, and more, without touching their Jira projects.

[Template] Manage Projects From Notion


Need a simple way to manage your project in Notion? Dispatch work and never miss a deadline again with this Kanban board.

[Template] Organize a Marketing Budget Report in Airtable


Use this template to easily track your marketing budget over time, even across multiple bases. Track spend on a monthly basis versus your forecast and group by categories like ad spend, software, freelancers and consultants, and more.

[Template] Create an Employee Resource Database in Airtable


An employee resource database is a repository of information, data, documents, and other resources for employees. In just a few clicks, you can build Unito flows that automatically update records in this database.

[Template] Create a Content Catalog in Airtable


A content catalog is a database used to centralize content created by sales teams, marketers, and other contributors. That way, customer-facing teams — like sales and support teams — can easily find the content they need, when they need it.

[Template] Create a HubSpot Task Database in Notion


You can use this template to report on HubSpot progress, track work, and more without ever touching a CRM.