We’ve researched the tools you need to get better at planning with Plann by Unito!

As a tool that connects other work management tools together, Unito has seen a lot of different ways to manage work, organize it, and get team members excited about working together. We’re not a work management tool ourselves, but we’ve spent enough time evaluating the market that we’re kind of an independent expert in the field. We end up getting asked by a lot of clients who are trying out a new work management tool if we have any recommendations for something else to try that might be a better fit for their needs. That’s why we decided to come up with Plann!

If you’re looking for guidance on what kind of work management tool will fit your team’s needs, size, and budget, check out the 20+ different areas of comparison that we’re using to help you choose the best tool for your planning needs.

It’s simple to use!

  1. Tell us what kind of team you have
  2. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your team
  3. Let us know what key feature matters to you

And that’s it! We’ll give you our recommendation for the tool that best fits your needs.


You can also sort by the data in any column to make it easier to compare.

Finally, once you’re ready to visit the tool’s website, you can click on any tool name in the left-hand column and go directly to their site to sign up.

We think that a great free resource like this will help anyone who’s exploring the idea of digital transformation or anyone who’s not quite happy with the tools that he or she is using. How about you: do you think it’s handy? We’ve launched Plann on Product Hunt and we’d be happy to hear what you think there! 🙂