Teamwork-GitHub Integration Webinar

Free Webinar: Integrating Teamwork and GitHub with Unito

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What Unito is and how Teamwork users can harness it for better collaboration
  • How to build a two-way flow between Teamwork and GitHub
  • Popular use cases for the Teamwork-GitHub integration

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How does your team collaborate with developers? Recurring meetings? Endless email threads? Or, even worse, jumping in and out of technical tools, copying and pasting updates?

There’s a better way to work.

With Unito, Teamwork users can collaborate with developers without ever leaving their tool. Unito’s two-way integrations with tools like GitHub mean you can collaborate with technical team members or development agencies, assign work, provide feedback, and track project progress at any time right within Teamwork. 

No more copying and pasting information. No more meeting overload. Information just flows in and out of Teamwork automatically, so you have everything you need right on hand in real-time. 

Watch Teamwork’s Developer Advocate & Partnerships Manager Holly McGill and Unito’s Product Marketer Jeremie Ponak dive into Integrating Teamwork and GitHub with Unito.

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