Project Prioritization: Create a Destination for Unsorted Tasks in Asana and Trello

As your team progresses through a project, new tasks will likely be added to it frequently. If the said project has been prioritized and organized into lists, it’s important to create a destination for new tasks – to separate them from those which have already been planned and sorted.

Otherwise, when a team member adds a task on the go, they may not want to interrupt their current workflow to sort the task into the appropriate list. As a result, the task will likely be added to the top of the first list, be it “Planned”, “Scheduled”, “Backlog”, “To-Do”, or “This Sprint”. Yet how will other teammates know if that task has been prioritized or where it stands in the project’s progress?

To avoid such confusion in project prioritization, simply create an inbox list where any unsorted tasks can be added. Let’s take a look at how to do this in both Asana and Trello.


How to Create a Section for New Tasks In Asana


You can add a “proposed epics” and “new tasks” section to your project, to serve as a destination for new, unsorted tasks.  

To do so, add a colon (:) at the end of the task’s name.

You can also hover over the “Add Task” option,  then select “Add Section”.


How to Create a Section for New Tasks In Trello


Simply select the “Add a list” option.

Next, name the list as you wish. In the example below, we named it “New Tasks”.

Your team members can add cards to this list by clicking the “Add a Card” button.

Teammates can then transfer cards from the “New Tasks” list to other appropriate lists in your Trello board.


Do you have any other project prioritization tips on organizing new tasks? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @unitoio!