Our Holiday Surprise for You: a New Release!

It’s the end of the year, and the temptation as we make the final run up to the holiday break is to slack off a little bit because, after all, who’s in the office this week? We are! We just released a new version and it’s a pretty big release, adding support for a whole lot of features including:

  • Asana & Wrike connectors
  • JIRA & GitHub connectors
  • Sync new and existing projects across any platform
  • Enumerated field support from Asana to other platforms

Beta Release: Connect all the things!

We now offer the capacity to connect Asana & Wrike or GitHub & JIRA. There’s a lot of great uses for these connectors, including keeping one platform for day to day project management and using the other for high-level roadmaps, or even connecting different teams who use similar tools at larger companies so they can work better together. Check them out. 🙂

We’re also super excited because you can now connect existing projects for almost every kind of sync combination. This comes with a slight change in our UI, so check it the release’s new sync feature out below:

Now on sync set up, after you select your account that you’re going to sync from, you can choose in the green toggle at the top of the next field whether you’d like to sync a new or an existing project. This has been one of our top requests for features from clients for a while and we were determined to release this feature before the end of the year. We made it!

Sync statuses to custom fields

We’ve also added a great new feature for our power users who are looking for more functionality to control their syncs: you can now use Asana custom fields and sync them into other projects (this only works from Asana to other platforms for now).

You can now set custom fields like “High”, “Medium”, and “Low” in Asana and map those to a status in JIRA, Github or Wrike or a list in Trello. While you could always map statuses across tools that had more granular status fields (like JIRA to Wrike), you can now control your Asana tasks with the same granularity. This feature should allow you build much more flexible custom workflows and unlocks more powerful cross-team collaboration throughout Unito.

Thanks so much from all of us

We wish you all the best for the rest of 2016, and we hope to see tons of people using these new features in 2017 and beyond. Thanks so much for being a part Unito!