Sync Cards, Tasks, & Projects in the Same Tool with Unito

Mirror cards, lists and boards with Unito single tool sync

This post focuses on Unito’s board/list/project sync functionality. For Trello users looking to sync individual cards, visit the Mirror blog post

Take a second and look at your browser right now. How many tabs do you have open? How many windows? Apps? Extensions? You have complex needs which require a complex suite of tools, but sometimes it can feel a little bit overwhelming.

That’s the beauty of Unito’s single tool sync. Instead of pushing you into another tool, it allows you to sync your preferred project management tool to itself, unlocking powerful new functionality in the process.

Here are some quick examples of what you can do with single tool sync.

  • Connect Trello cards in one project to Trello cards in another project and keep all the comments, attachments, and assignees synced.
  • Centralize the GitHub issues of your public repositories into your private master repository.
  • Share JIRA issues across projects, or even across entirely separate JIRA servers.
  • Sync tasks and projects across Asana organizations for your contractors or outsourced agencies.

All of these are examples of functionality that doesn’t exist within the out-of-the-box tool, but that you can now create with the help of Unito.

Mirror cards and build a work dashboard with Trello

Let’s dive into one valuable use case unlocked by syncing a tool to itself: building a real-time executive dashboard in Trello.

An executive dashboard essentially shows you what the teams in a workspace are doing without requiring that anyone leave Trello. When a team member changes a card’s status or asks a question in a comments, it’s reflected across your organization in real-time. You get to choose what’s mirrored so that only the most important details are passed along, and your executives or managers aren’t bombarded with notifications.

Project management tool sync functionality

Have we piqued your interest? There’s lots more functionality to discover. Check out our knowledge base articles for details about how syncing works in these major project management tools.

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