Connect JIRA to Anything

We just made setting up a sync with JIRA much easier than ever before thanks to our new JIRA login / password authentication. What does that mean? It used to be that you needed to have administrator access for the projects that you were syncing to connect via OAuth. Now you don’t need an administrator to log in and create a JIRA sync: you just need your JIRA project URL, your login, and your password.

We created this to make trying out Unito syncs a much faster experience; over the long term, it’s still a good idea to use OAuth to create a sync, because there are things that user accounts cannot do in a sync but a fully-authorized connection can. Also, any actions that Unito does during the sync will be done by the account that you provide the credentials for, which isn’t always ideal. It might be confusing for your co-workers if they see “you” making all the changes and updates to tasks in JIRA. It’s hard to beat a 2-minute setup for testing us out, though. 🙂

So connect JIRA to Asana, Github, Gitlab, Trello, or Wrike and get started today!