Unito Welcomes International Investors 500 Startups, Social Capital, and More to Our Investment Family


Unito is growing!  In addition to thousands of new signups each month and the 4 new team members we recently brought on board, we’re welcoming 4 new funds to our investment family. Already backed by a number of Montreal-based funds—YUL Ventures, Real Ventures, Founder Institute, and more—now we’ve added François Arbour, Maxime Boissonneault, Social Capital, and 500 Startups to our investor rolls.

Fresh off of 3 successful new product launches, winning FI’s best Canadian startup of 2017, and releasing over 2 dozen major features, we’ve taken on these funds to help grow our marketing and sales operations. The funding will also help us manage the large number of inbound trials & demos we’re getting every month. We’ve already grown our headcount 40% and we’re ready to grow faster than ever before.

The unique nature of Unito’s integration has proven valuable to hundreds of customers. We’re gaining more and more attention from a broader investment community beyond just the Montreal area. It’s rewarding to see the faith that our new investors have put in our team and our ability to deliver.

These funds are key to reaching our goals of team and user growth in the next year, and we are honored to have these investors on board! The quality, experience, and reputations of these individuals and firms are already having a huge, positive impact on our growth.

It’s exciting times here at Unito, with more to come soon! 😀