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How to Manage Project Deliverables by Watching Deleted Tasks in Asana

If you’re managing a team, you’re likely accountable for the multitude of project deliverables and tasks assigned to your employees. This means you’ll need to know if they delete any of their tasks without completing them, and why. Is it because they don’t have time to finish them? Are they overwhelmed? Or did they delete a crucial project feature by mistake?

Doing a search for your team’s deleted tasks will let you answer these questions, understand when to help your employees, and revert any errors.

Learn how to do it in Asana with the following easy steps.

Why team managers should search for deleted tasks:

  • Understand when to help employees: It’s not always a bad thing to delete project tasks. Often times tasks are deleted when they’re completed to declutter the project boards and stay organized. However sometimes employees delete tasks to reduce the scope of their project deliverables. In such cases, it may be a sign that employees are struggling to complete all their to-do’s within the project’s timeframe. If an employee has three weeks worth of to-do’s, and only two weeks to finish them, they may have to cut some tasks to ensure they can deliver priorities on time. Watching deleted tasks will let managers know which employees are struggling and which ones need help.
  • Fix mistakes: Sometimes people make errors and delete tasks or project features that are crucial, either by accident or misunderstanding. Searching for deleted tasks gives managers the option to restore mistakes, as well as make sure people aren’t deliberately deleting tasks rather than completing them.

How to find deleted tasks

The first step is to click “Show Recents and more…” under “My Favorites” in the sidebar.

Next, select “Deleted Items.”

There you’ll find a list of deleted tasks and conversations on Asana.

You can sort deleted tasks according to the project, assignee, due date, date last modified, creation time, completion time, and likes.

To restore or permanently delete a task, choose a task, and select the option “undelete.” This will restore it. Or, select “delete permanently” to get rid of it.

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