Free Webinar: Which Project Management Tool Is Right for You?

A series of tool, for the "which project management tool is right for you?" webinar

There’s no shortage of project management tools out there. That amount of choice is great until you actually have to choose one. While you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your niche, knowing where to start can be tough. Not sure how to pick yours?

That’s where this webinar comes in. We answered live questions from attendees, going into how you can pick the best tool for the job.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What you should look for in a project management tool
  • How to facilitate adoption of a new tool
  • How cross-functional teams can agree on a tool
  • Which tools Unito uses
  • And more!

Join Gabrielle Lafontaine, Unito’s Product and Partner Marketing manager, and integration launch controller and Jeremie Ponak, an Account Executive at Unito and one-man pep rally as they answer these questions and more.

You can also watch the webinar on BrightTALK