Free Guide: Powering Up Trello for Newsrooms

Trello for Newsrooms

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How Trello can keep your newsroom teams and journalists organized
  • How Unito enhances the benefits of Trello by enabling collaboration across the entire newsroom
  • Common use cases for Unito and Trello within the newsroom, including managing editors doing story planning, and working with external freelancers and photographers
  • How to use these tools to identify workflow bottlenecks

A faster newsroom is within your reach. Download the free guide today!

Newsrooms have never been under more pressure. Daily deadlines have been replaced by the need to publish stories in almost real-time. If there’s any chance of keeping up, the modern newsroom has to rely on technology.

Speed and organization often have an inverse relationship, with an increase in one resulting in a decrease in the other. Trello is a great tool for combating that, helping you stay organized so you can work more quickly and efficiently, with nothing falling through the cracks.

Of course, newsrooms depend on a lot of different people and teams. That type of collaboration requires a little something extra. With Unito, you can collaborate on Trello boards and cards across different newsroom teams, while editors and executives get increased visibility into the work underway. 

This guide is great for:

  • Editors and executives who are looking for ways to monitor stories in progress
  • Journalists who need to collaborate across sections or with external contractors
  • Freelancers looking for a better way to share their work and receive feedback from colleagues in the newsroom 

Download the free ebook!

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