Crosscheck becomes Unito

We’re excited to announce we have changed our name and branding from CrossCheck to Unito! The new name better reflects our vision and values:  make tools collaborate and keep teamwork seamless and efficient. Plus it’s shorter and waaaay more friendly. If you’re a hockey fan, you may miss the impact of crosscheck, but we think it’s for the best…

It’s a big move that we knew we had to make at some point, so we decided to do it sooner rather than later.

Apart from a new look and feel, we remain who we are: same team and same product roadmap. So if you’re using our services, you won’t be impacted, we promise! And if you’re waiting to get in the private beta, stay tuned for new users will be invited very soon!

The name and branding transition will take a little bit of time to fully complete, so don’t panic if you come across remnants of CrossCheck here and there, on the contrary feel free to bug us!

Here are our new homes on the Internet, you’re more than welcome to go and check them out:

Again, this change is for the best and should not adversely affect our service. If you find it otherwise, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Have a great day!

Marc, Founder of Crosscheck Unito

Unito syncs Asana and Github to make your whole team collaborate seamlessly