A workflow is a map for getting routine work done in the fastest, most efficient, and most satisfying way possible. Find out how you can recognize, optimize, and iterate on your workflows.

A series of dominos, representing change management

What Is Change Management?

Whether it’s a funding round or a new competitor, nothing will ever be the same again. Here’s how you use change management to handle it.

Software Development Backlog Workflow

What Is a Software Development Backlog Workflow?

Messy backlogs and constant emails can be huge distractions. Learn how to avoid both in your software development backlog workflow.

How to Optimize Cross-Functional Project Workflows With Unito

The more teams you need, the more complicated a project can get. Here’s how Unito can optimize cross-functional project worfklows.

Cross-Functional Project Workflow

What Is a Cross-Functional Project Workflow?

The cross-functional project workflow can be especially challenging. Learn all about its elements, its pain points, and how Unito can help.

Workflow Examples

5 Workflow Examples (and How to Optimize Them with Unito)

Workflows need to be constantly improved. That’s why we’re breaking down five workflow examples to help you optimize your workflow.

How to Optimize Team Coordination Workflows With Unito

Keeping teams aligned is its own full-time job. Find out how team leads and executives can use Unito to optimize team coordination workflows.

What Is a Team Coordination Workflow?

If your team coordination workflow isn’t moving smoothly, you’re getting overwhelmed, and your team is getting frustrated. Here’s how we prevent that.