A workflow is a map for getting routine work done in the fastest, most efficient, and most satisfying way possible. Find out how you can recognize, optimize, and iterate on your workflows.

Elevator buttons, representing optimizing the support ticket escalation workflow

How To Optimize Support Ticket Escalation Workflows

A perfect ticket escalation workflow means the customer barely notices the difference. No matter how many teams the ticket has to get through or how much back-and-forth happen between them the customer knows they’re getting excellent service. Here’s how you can live that dream with Unito.

Jerseys for hockey, baseball, and basketball, representing a cross functional team

What Is a Cross Functional Team?

Most of the teams at your organization are like a sports team. They might play different positions, but they’re all generally doing the same thing. Sometimes, you need a team that’s a little more varied to nail trickier projects, more like a rock band. Here’s what a cross functional team is (and why it’s like a rock band).

An illustration of elevator buttons, the up button glowing, representing the support ticket escalation workflow.

What Is the Support Ticket Escalation Workflow?

Even the most dedicated customer support agents sometimes need help from other teams. Whether they need engineering to jump onto a new bug or the billing team to handle a billing issue, some tickets need escalation. That’s where this workflow comes in.

State of Workflow 2020

The State of Workflow 2020 — A Guide to Getting Work Done

How do you bring things back under your control? How can you help your organization manage the current state of change and better prepare for the future? The key lies in workflow management. We break down everything you need to know about it in this ebook.

An illustration of the finish line at a foot race, representing the sprint execution workflow.

How to Optimize Sprint Execution Workflows With Unito

Maybe you’ve managed to optimize your workflow right up to dealing with the work in your backlog. But what should you do if your sprints always leave your developers out of breath? Here’s how you can optimize your sprint execution workflow.

An illustration of a pool with swimming lanes, representing a sprint execution workflow.

What Is a Sprint Execution Workflow?

You’ve gone through the backlog, prioritized what needs to happen, and planned your next sprint. There have been meetings and messages, and everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. You’re here to help your team, and you want to know exactly where and when to give that support. Find out how the sprint execution workflow makes this happen.

How to Optimize Project Reporting Workflows With Unito

Those stakeholders need their updates, pronto! But how do you manage those requests without spending more time writing reports than doing actual work? Here’s how you can regain control of your project reporting workflow with Unito.

What Is a Project Reporting Workflow?

With numerous communication channels and work management tools at our fingertips, getting updates on a project should be super simple right? Well, that’s not always the case.

An illustration of a cross-company project workflow

How to Optimize Cross-Company Project Workflows With Unito

You’ve found the perfect collaborator. It might be a huge new client, a newly-acquired team, or another company in your field. Here’s how you collaborate with them, even when they’re in a different tool.

An illustration of a cross-company project workflow

What Is a Cross-Company Project Workflow?

Working across teams is hard. You have to manage different expectations, different ways of doing things, and sometimes completely different tools.. But what if, instead of teams, you’re dealing with completely different companies? The same challenges are often made worse by the fact that you’re not dealing with colleagues — unless you have a really strong cross-company project workflow.

Software Development Backlog Workflow

How to Optimize Software Development Backlog Workflows With Unito

A development backlog isn’t useful when it’s messy. But how can you keep that from happening? Optimize your workflow with Unito. Here’s how it’s done.