A workflow is a map for getting routine work done in the fastest, most efficient, and most satisfying way possible. Find out how you can recognize, optimize, and iterate on your workflows.

SDLC Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle Phases and Methodologies

SDLC can be an extremely useful tool for development leaders who need to organize and optimize their teams at a high-level. This post covers what SDLC is, its phases, possible methodologies, and tips for implementing it.

Logos for Trello, Jira, and Unito, representing Unito's Trello-Jira integration

Bridge the Gap Between Developers and Other Teams With Unito’s Trello-Jira Integration

Trying to get visibility into development work? With Unito, important updates can get synced between Jira and Trello in just a few clicks.

Workflow diagram

Workflow Diagram: What It Is and Why You Need One

Before everyone had a GPS in their pocket, we used maps to get around. Find out how the workflow diagram can be your map for doing your best work.

puzzle pieces fitting together, representing optimizing the coordinated development workflow

How To Optimize a Coordinated Development Workflow

Your developers need to collaborate closely with the rest of the organization to succeed. But when everyone’s in their own tool, that can be really difficult. Here’s how you can use Unito to optimize your coordinated development workflow, despite the tool differences.

Puzzle pieces representing the coordinated development workflow

What Is a Coordinated Development Workflow?

Tech companies live on the output of their developers. But developers need support from marketers, sales reps, cybersecurity experts, and more to thrive. Here’s how you can make your development team’s work more transparent so everyone can benefit.

How to optimize the pre-sales support workflow

How To Optimize Your Pre-Sales Support Workflow

Organizations need to keep growing to thrive. That growth depends on a team of sales representatives that take prospects from leads to closed deals. Often, that process relies on a sales rep identifying potential objections and squashing them. But when your sales team needs backup, how do you make sure that happens?

A cursor navigating through information, representing the pre-sales support workflow

What Is a Pre-Sales Support Workflow?

Is a firm handshake enough to secure a deal? These days, a prospect might have any number of technical questions, and they expect collateral before they buy. How do you get answers and support to your sales reps when they need it?

A looking glass and a finger cursor, representing a workflow audit

How to Perform a Workflow Audit

How do you know when a workflow isn’t working right, and what can you do about it? Perform a workflow audit, and reap the rewards. Find out how (and when) you can audit your workflows.

A to-do list, representing the personal to-do list workflow

How To Optimize Your Personal To-Do List Workflow

If you’re like the majority of knowledge workers, you spend the first chunk of your day making sure all the information you need is in the same place. Here’s how to make that a breeze.

A list of done tasks, representing the optimization of the personal to-do list workflow

What Is a Personal To-Do List Workflow?

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office? You probably start by finding out what you need to do that day. That involves checking your email, your chat tool, your tools, and more. How do you keep it all organized? With a personal to-do list workflow, of course.

Elevator buttons, representing optimizing the support ticket escalation workflow

How To Optimize Support Ticket Escalation Workflows

A perfect ticket escalation workflow means the customer barely notices the difference. No matter how many teams the ticket has to get through or how much back-and-forth happen between them the customer knows they’re getting excellent service. Here’s how you can live that dream with Unito.

Jerseys for hockey, baseball, and basketball, representing a cross functional team

What Is a Cross Functional Team?

Most of the teams at your organization are like a sports team. They might play different positions, but they’re all generally doing the same thing. Sometimes, you need a team that’s a little more varied to nail trickier projects, more like a rock band. Here’s what a cross functional team is (and why it’s like a rock band).