As important as tools, processes, and strategies are, it’s people that keep companies going. Get tips on building great teams, boosting morale, and more.

What is onboarding?

What is Onboarding? A Definition, And Why You Should Take it Seriously

Learn about employee onboardings, a complete breakdown of the onboarding process, as well as best practices and why you should do it in the first place.

RACI chart matrix

A RACI Chart Definition, Example, and How to Use It for Project Clarity

There’s one key factor that will determine the overall success of any project: assigning clear roles and responsibilities. A RACI chart is a simple and effective way to do just that.

Project stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management — A Guide for Project Managers

As the projects you manage get bigger and more complex, you’ll start to notice you’re dealing with more and more people on a daily basis. This is where stakeholder management becomes so important.


End Micromanagement: 6 Signs of Micromanagement (and What To Do Instead)

While micromanagement might feel like good-natured extra diligence — and the best way to keep your team on track — it’s actually a highly toxic workplace issue that will do more harm than good.

A rubik's cube, representing a need to manage people, not processes

Want To Succeed? Integrate People, Not Processes

2020 changed work, maybe forever. Going forward, how can you go about helping your teams do their best work together? The answer isn’t to have the best processes out there.

Value statement

Value Statement: How to Write One for Your Company [With Examples]

There’s never been a more crucial time to create or update your organization’s value statement. With more and more companies turning to remote work, this statement will help you ensure that your distributed team is aligned and engaged.

A name tag labelled hello my name is video editor.

Want to Make Your Org Chart Useful? Try Areas of Responsibility (AoRs)

How often have you reached out to the head of a team with a question, only to have them redirect you to someone else? This kind of thing is extremely common, and over the course of weeks and months adds up to a lot of wasted time. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: Areas of Responsibility (AoRs).

team building activities

20 Team Building Activities Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

In this post, we’re going beyond the cliché trust falls and team dinners. We’ll give you 20 ideas for team building activities that both you and your team will actually enjoy.

Wellness spending account

The Wellness Spending Account: Why (And How) Unito Does It

What do snowboarding, therapy, and a carpentry class have in common? They’re all things that can be covered by a wellness spending account.

3 Challenges of Managing a Multidisciplinary Team

The best teams aren’t always homogeneous. Managing a multidisciplinary team like this isn’t always a walk in the park. Here’s why and what to do about it.

coding and climbing

What Coding and Climbing Have in Common

Beyond the joy they bring, my two passions of coding and climbing actually have quite a bit in common. If you enjoy one, there’s a good chance you might really like the other.