Culture is king at Unito. It’s how we attract and retain some of the best talent in the world. Learn why you should care about culture, and how to create one that will be the talk of the town.

Darren Murph on Remote Company Culture

GitLab’s Darren Murph on Building Remote Company Culture

Darren Murph knows a lot about remote work. As the Head of Remote at GitLab, he’s responsible for helping employees acclimate to the company’s all-remote culture. We thought we’d tap into Murph’s expertise to answer some of the most common questions about remote company culture.

Joshua Zerkel - Head of Global Community at Asana

An Interview with Asana’s Head of Global Community, Joshua Zerkel

McKinsey estimates word-of-mouth to be the primary factor in between 20-50% of purchasing decisions. Community building can help your business create an army of advocates who spread that word-of-mouth across the globe. Just ask Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community at Asana.

4 Unito Practices for a More Equal Workplace

The tech industry has come far, but we still have a ways to go before the gender gap is fully closed. Here’s how Unito is working towards that.

transparency by default

How and Why to Embrace Transparency by Default

Here’s a quick look at how we implement transparency by default at Unito and how it impacts our business. These are ideas that any company can take away, implement, and adjust to their own realities.

Candidate collaboration

Why You Should Make Candidate Collaboration Part of Your Hiring Process

To really get a feel for how candidates collaborate, we use a pilot project and bring them into the office.

9 Signs You’re a Terrible Manager

It’s such a fact of life that it’s an accepted rule of work: in large organizations, employees rise to the level of their incompetence. Many people are in management roles who have no training or […]

How to Build a Transparent Culture for the Millennial Workplace

A must-read, step-by-step guide on how to build a culture of transparency in your team, and engage your millennial employees.

Transparency is key to leading millennials

Why Transparency is Vital to Engaging Millennial Employees

You probably have Millenials on your team. Are you struggling to keep them engaged? Here’s why transparency is essential for doing that.

Love chat tools? 😍 You’re killing your team. 💔 These 3 steps fix it. 💯

Asynchronous communication is key to unlocking your team’s ability to focus & succeed. Here’s how to do it right. If you’re interested in personal productivity at all, you almost certainly know that being interrupted in […]

Take Control of Your Team’s Work in 5 Easy Steps

Getting started organizing your team’s work is the most crucial and hardest part of building a good workflow. At Unito, we know a lot about how different tools and workflows interact. If you’re new at […]

New Year’s Resolution Ideas: The Intentful Business

We’ve been talking about intent at the office recently, and how it changes so much about business, success, and life. As we round out the last of 2016 and head into the new year, let […]