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We’re always cooking something up. Whether it’s a new integration, new features, or whatever else is going on with Unito, you can get all our company news here.

Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

Logos for Zoho Projects and Unito, representing the new Zoho Projects integration

Crush Your Projects With Unito’s Newest Integration

Zoho Projects is Unito’s newest integration! Find out how you can get into our beta, learn what our integration can do, and sign up for your free trial now.

Spring Clean Your Workflows with Unito’s Newest Integrations

Unito is introducing three new integrations — Microsoft Azure DevOps, Favro, and MeisterTask — to help you connect even more of your essential tools.

Remote work flexible scheduling

The Pandemic Made Us Rethink Work. We’re Never Going Back.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the changes Unito made during the pandemic and why we’ve decided to make them permanent.

New Year New Integrations

New Year, New Integrations: Take Back the Reins of Collaboration With Unito in 2021

2020 had its load of challenges for productivity and collaboration. Like many other organizations, you might have been forced to suddenly adapt to remote work, scrambling to build the tech stack you needed to make it happen. Here’s how Unito can help you overcome these challenges in 2021.

An illustration of the Smartsheet and Unito logos

Boost Your Workflow IQ With Unito’s New Smartsheet Integration

How’s your workflow’s IQ? Does your workflow power through any challenge you can throw at it or does it stumble right out the gate? Mixed metaphors notwithstanding, you need the top tools, the best techniques, and some agility to build dream workflows.

Here’s how you can do that with Smartsheet and Unito.

A smiling woman stands next to the words shape the flow of work

Unito Has Evolved! Introducing Our New Workflow Management Platform

Empowering people to work from their favorite tools was just the first step. Find out what Unito is doing to evolve into a platform that meets the needs of business leaders everywhere. is Unito's newest integration

Get More Out of Every Monday With Unito’s Latest Integration

Do you usually close all your tasks on Mondays? If not, it’s time to make Monday the best day of the week rather than just the first day of the week. Here’s how our newest integration can help you do just that.

Unito Series A Funding Announcement

Big News! Unito’s New Funding, New Partnerships, and New Features

We’ve raised a Series A funding round of $10.5 million led by Bessemer Venture Partners to support our efforts to unite work.

Slackbot for software development - La Capitaine

A Slackbot for Shipping Software: Meet Le Capitaine

We built an interactive Slackbot to help us ship software more efficiently. His name is Le Capitaine, and he’s our foul-mouthed helper!

Unito Hubspot Integration

Unito’s New HubSpot Integration Makes it Easy For Sales Teams to Collaborate

Unito’s new HubSpot integration syncs the software with nine of the biggest work management tools on the market.

How to Increase Productivity With the Mirror Power-Up for Trello

Collaborate more efficiently through Trello by duplicating individual cards between boards and keeping all card content syncing two-ways using Mirror.