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A funnel, representing the sales process

What Is a Sales Process?

Famously, salespeople should always be closing, no matter what. But that’s not really how things work nowadays. Prospects are so inundated with demands for their attention that you need to be a bit more subtle. That’s where the sales process comes in.

A speedometer, representing the KPI

KPIs: What They Are and Why You Need Them

How do you know that you’re hitting your goals? Sometimes, you need some kind of metric to track progress. That’s what KPIs are for.

puzzle pieces fitting together, representing optimizing the coordinated development workflow

How To Optimize a Coordinated Development Workflow

Your developers need to collaborate closely with the rest of the organization to succeed. But when everyone’s in their own tool, that can be really difficult. Here’s how you can use Unito to optimize your coordinated development workflow, despite the tool differences.

Logos for Netalico, Asana, and Basecamp, representing the case study

Case Study: How Netalico Works With Clients in Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and More With Unito

“Unito saves us time we can use to pay attention to what really matters; solving our customers’ e-commerce challenges.” – Mark Lewis, Founder and Owner of Netalico Commerce.

Birds of multiple colors, representing going from new hire to full collaborator

How To Go From New Hire To Full Collaborator

There’s a lot to learn when you start a new job. Lots of names, new processes, the wifi password… While you get that figured out, here’s how you can make sure you’re on the fast track to being great at your role.

A rubik's cube, representing a need to manage people, not processes

Want To Succeed? Integrate People, Not Processes

2020 changed work, maybe forever. Going forward, how can you go about helping your teams do their best work together? The answer isn’t to have the best processes out there.

A mirror, representing the retrospective

The Retrospective: What It Is and How To Run One

Ever get to a point where your team is asking “what the hell just happened?” That means it’s time to run a retrospective. Find out what a retrospective is, how it’s run, and the best tools for doing so.

A notepad, representing the subject matter expert

What Is a Subject Matter Expert?

You have a burning question. You asked your desk-mate, people on your team, and your direct manager. Your question was met with shrugs, hesitation, and a suggestion that you ask a subject matter expert. Maybe they even threw the acronym SME at you. So how do you find a subject matter expert?

A vending machine, representing vendor management

What is Vendor Management?

All companies depend on vendors; providers who fill a certain need. Restaurants need suppliers for their ingredients like tech companies often rely on vendors for their infrastructure. Find out how these relationships can be managed.

A balanced scale, representing scructure vs. flexibility

When to Prioritize Structure and When to Go All-in on Flexibility

Should you be putting your energy into having a rigid process for everything? Or should you equip your teams with the flexibility to keep trucking no matter what comes their way? Well actually, a bit of both.

Logos for Trello and Alpco Recycling, representing the Alpco Recycling case study

Case Study: How ALPCO Recycling Brought Order To Chaos With Trello and Unito

“Dispatchers see how much easier their day is with Unito and they know they’re not missing anything important. The workflow is there, so is the visibility amongst all the players.” – Donna Figel, IT, Safety and Compliance Director at ALPCO Recycling.