Asana Boards sync makes Asana + Trello even better 🌈

Asana’s work tracking strength has always been great with Trello’s refreshing simplicity. It’s like peanut butter and jelly: great alone and better together. But today we’ve got something even better for you. We’ve added the ability to sync Asana boards with Trello boards.

Wait. What? Asana has boards?

About 4 months ago, Asana launched a new boards feature. It brings the Kanban style collaboration and planning into Asana.

This makes for some obvious parallels in workflow between Trello and Asana now, and ever since that launch a common request from Trello users has been support for this.

It’s more than just Asana Boards sync

So we added support for Asana boards in Unito!

That’s a very short blog post if that’s all we had to talk about. In addition to Asana boards, you’re now able to sync Trello lists to Asana section dividers.This brings advanced configuration options to your Asana → Trello syncs. What do we mean by that? We’ll discuss two examples later this week.

  1. Use Trello as a Kanban backlog of many Asana lists
  2. Use filters and sections to create a client-facing Trello board from your Asana project


More Trello love, but that’s not all. We’ve also added a great new field mapping for GitHub.

Sync Trello board names across all different apps
Want to sync your Trello board name as a Wrike, JIRA, or Asana custom field? Want to put it in the Description footer so it’s easier for your co-workers to find? It’s as simple as can be. Select it while customizing your field mappings and away you go.

Sync GitHub Issue Number and Repo Name across all apps
You’ve been able to prepend the GitHub issue number to the issue / card / task name in other apps for pretty much ever. But if you want to use it as a custom field or have it in the description footer, you’ve been out of luck. Until now! And you can also add repo name to custom fields or descriptions footers as well. The process to do this is eerily like syncing Trello board names, but here’s a quick GIF to show you how:

That’s a lot for a mid-month release, and we hope you guys can use these new features to get the most out of your syncs.

Let us know what you’re up to in the comments below or hit us up @unitoio on Twitter if you’ve got any questions.